Updated, Game Changing Labor Law Hits CA

Occasionally, the courts reading of labor laws are game changing, and this could be one of those. California rules on independent contractors have long been a hotly debated subject. The courts are now providing more guidance on who is and who isn’t an employee.

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Take Five: Kevin Hunter of Calty on the LF-LC

"The LF-LC concept car was an unusual project for us in that we were given pretty much nothing to start with. It was our project to do what we wanted with. The only thing we were asked to do from Lexus Design in Japan was make a beautiful, luxury coupe".

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Party Time

Celebrating the first half-century of its existence, the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary at its corporate HQ in El Segundo brings out the big cars. The full-size reproductions of Hot Wheels past and present remind us that a little kid’s dreams can indeed become a big kid’s reality.

Twisting the Line with the Lexus LC 500

In a nutshell, for eons the perception of the Lexus product-line has been one that focuses on luxury first and foremost. It’s only been relatively recently that the designs are no longer hinting at performance, but blatantly shout out that these are cars for drivers.

ArtCenter Designers Let’s It All Hang Out

In the real world of transportation design, there are many factors that can lead to a less than daring path. But, school is still the one place where you can still let it all hang out with wild abandon.