Audi activesphere and Split Personalities

This is a dream of every designer. I mean, you know that typically - it's almost a joke, all of you know designers create cars that you are almost impossible to create in reality because you've got these amazing proportions.

Take Five: Gael Buzyn and the Audi activesphere

Gael Buzyn at the Audi Malibu Loft provides an American perspective on future OEM programs, like the Audi activesphere. It can be a bit shocking, with HQ asking, "you want the car to appear bigger?"

IndyCar Warms Up at The Thermal Club

The Thermal Club is an expansive, welcoming, members-only, private racetrack and country club. If you were to dream of your own race sanctuary, it might look very similar to this.

Feeling Green at the 2022 LAAS – the Overview

For years, the LA Auto Show (LAAS) was known as the “Green” auto show with alternative energy power, while the Detroit show (NAIAS) got all the muscle. Now, it’s hard to tell the difference.

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