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Hot Wheels’ Bryan Benedict Turns Fantasy Into Reality

At Hot Wheels, Brian Benedict and the designers are always thinking of every scale model as a full-size car. Even a fantasy car, no matter how crazy it is, they don't want to design something that looks fake. Of course, turning a toy into a real, life-size car is every kid's dream come true.

A Farewell to the King

Being able to look at cars differently led to so many wonderful and crazy designs, you had to be in awe of George Barris. His talent has inspired countless others to pursue their dreams. For more than 75 years, it was really passion that motivated George more than anything else. And, that fire still burns within those he’s touched along the way.

George Barris – A Remarkable Life and Love

George Barris was, is, and will remain, an icon in the industry as he not only created, but he also inspired and helped others learn and grow with the industry he was so passionate about. His innovative designs provided “the look” to many popular models of American cars, and his influence has been a part of the auto industry – now international - for at least the past half century.

Mix Master

The Culver City Car Show on May 9, 2015 had everything from George Barris to military transports, more customs and hot rods than you can shake a stick at, and everything in between! Sure, there's low-riders and movie cars too. Not only will you find the old guard, but you'll find the next generation of talent, like Keith Dean, son of legendary customizer Dick Dean. One look at cars like the '53 Cadillac from South End Kustom and you know the future looks bright!