Special Editions of the 2021 Karma GS-6

Karma Automotive announces the creation of three custom GS-6 special editions vehicle variants, paying homage to the state of California, where Karma’s vehicles are designed and produced.

Hyundai Heritage Series PONY – Back to the Future

The Heritage Series PONY illuminates the company’s ceaseless design innovations by reinterpreting retro design. This is part of ‘Reflections in Motion’ exhibition at Hyundai Motorstudio Busan.

Hydra Design Labs to Debut Endurance EV Pick-Up

Hydra Design Labs collaborated with Lordstown Motors on the new Endurance EV pickup, including the interior, exterior – plus CAD design surfacing, scale modeling, and full-size prototyping.

McLaren Speedtail Blends Beauty and Pioneering Tech

At almost 5.2 metres long, the carbon-fibre-bodied three-seat Speedtail Hyper GT is the most aerodynamically drag efficient McLaren ever, showcasing lightweight engineering.

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