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AutoDesignO (the Automotive Design Organization) is a professional association, which is advancing improved access to people, essential information, as well as a culture exchange within the design profession, and beyond the studio walls. The organization strives to expand the presence and prominence of the design industry.

Membership is available to design studios, staff and freelance designers, clay modelers, color and trim, digital design and modeling, fabricators, studio engineers, students, studio design and modeling managers, and similar design professionals, as well as industry suppliers, aftermarket companies, governmental bodies, temp and staffing agencies, media and PR, and other transportation design-related firms and organizations.

The three key points that guide our association are  – awareness, education, and preservation.


XPLORE Invitation for Design Professionals

AutoDesignO and the Motor Press Guild welcome you to XPLORE, a refreshing and inspiring automotive design event in Corona Del Mar. XPLORE focuses on the influential ideas and the interactions leading to great designs. Featured Designers will provide their thoughts and ideas on what gets their creative juices flowing. From insightful speakers to engaging sponsors, XPLORE is where you need to be on September 1.

Great Scott, Back To The Future with the Lexus Hoverboards

Collaboration of design and technology results in a creative breakthrough for the new Lexus Amazing in Motion campaign. Additionally, The Lexus Hoverboard is a prototype and will not be for sale! Will this solve the missing link in the public transportation debate?

The Most Efficient Shell Eco-marathon Cars Compete At Le Mans

Staking a claim to be the most energy-efficient vehicles ever to roll a wheel on the hallowed Le Mans tarmac, the slippery shaped Shell Eco-marathon vehicles built by teams of French students have achieved up to 3,771 km per litre.


Hyundai Coming Full-Circle

Hyundai has really come into it’s own with the unveiling of the Vision G Concept Coupe. The Vision G, or as it was earlier designated – HCD-16, is a step forward from the pack of overly functional products that don’t really come across as distinct. Simply put, the Vision G puts a greater emphasis on shapes and forms, and takes risks. And yes, it's even sexy.

Hurley Legacy Show 2, Boredom 0

Hurley Legacy 2 is a staggering assortment of cross-culture, southern california icons ranging from surfing to skating, and hot rods to bikes. essentially, everything but the kitchen sink! Let's face it, anytime you can get Bob Hurley and Craig Stecyk together you know it's going to be good.

Touring With An Entourage

The Entourage movie and the Cadillac Ciel concept car have something in common, the suspension of disbelief. Riding on the thin, razor’s edge between reality and fiction gives both a sense that anything is possible. If the penduellum swings too far in one direction or the other, the whole thing collapses like a house of cards. Too believable is boring, and too extreme is simply hokey. Can either the movie or the Caddy pull it off?