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Blade Runner 2049 According to Syd Mead

Academy Award Winner for Visual Effects and Cinematography - In Blade Runner 2049 it looks so funky. But it does look like it's supposed to look. That's the trick! Our exclusive interview with Syd Mead sheds some light on the future and transportation.

Getting Green

Like it or not, we are in a race to save our very lives. The starting gun was fired years ago, and we aren’t entirely sure where the finish line is, or when the time on the clock will run-down. But make no mistake; we are clearly in challenge unlike any other that man has created before. The $64,000 question remains, can civilization move the needle back enough to preserve the eco-system as we know it? How can we change our course, and get on a different path? A path that allows us to continue to progress, yet treads lighter on our world.