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The Icons of Pasadena Leave a Mark at ACCD

This year the ArtCenter Car Classic is dubbed 70 years of Iconic Design. AutoDesignO wrangled some of the extraordinary talent to provide some definition to the word “icons”.

ArtCenter Car Classic Iconic Designs on Oct. 28

This year, ArtCenter’s annual Car Classic celebrates the 70th anniversary of the College’s Transportation Design program and the indelible mark our alumni have made on the world around us, and of course the cars that we know and love.

ACCD Car Classic 2016 / Built By Hand

The 2016 Car Classic is more than just another high-profile car show, this popular public event celebrates the very best in automotive design, showcasing the College’s strong ties to industry and honoring many of our noteworthy alumni. This year, ACCD highlights handcrafted vehicles from the past and present and will hear from the people who build and collect them.

Tesla Model X Reveal

Generally if someone asks me to spend an evening in Hawthorne I kindly pass on the opportunity. However, as this is the home of Tesla Motors design studio, and on this particular evening the new Model X is being unveiled, I rethink my standard answer. While the point is to unveil the new Model X, the entire Tesla model line-up, new and old, is shining brightly. And one has to look past the reveal of the Model X to see what this night is all about.