The Art of Racing, Dave Marek and Acura’s NSX

"Well, what do you want the RDX to look like?" Well, I want it to look like an NSX," says Dave Marek. Sadly, reality derails that idea, but we can always dream! Marek enlightens us on Acura's design and racing at the AGPLB.

Castroneves, Hinchcliffe, and Power on the Acura NSX

Three former champions, Helio Castroneves, James Hinchcliffe, and Will Power, are battling it out on the streets of Long Beach at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. However, there is one thing they do agree on.

Rocking Creative Talent To The Core

Of course, there’s always the random, cocky designer, modeler, musician, or other creative talent, boldly stating, “I could do the job with one arm tied behind my back.” Well, what if you do?

The 2020 Ford Escape at First Glance

I think they really upped the quality, perceived quality and the actual quality for this vehicle, and the proportions are pointing towards the future, and the surfacing is as well - Tyler Blake

Ray Dietrich Merges Car and Guitar Design

Looking back, if the goal is to establish a connection between the automotive industry and Gibson Guitars, there is a clear connection that happened with Ray Dietrich in 1962.