Is Lexus Audio Hitting All The Right Notes?

Lexus, in an effort to keep true to the intent of the artist, is offering a Mark Levinson Reference System in all of its cars and SUVs. While that might not initially mean tons to the average person, those that have tasted the goods can vouch for the quality.

Are You Ready Player One? Game On!

In Ready Player One there’s a healthy dose of digital graphics and a virtual reality universe. Certainly, the dazzling visuals can cast a spellbinding shadow over the theater-going public. On top of that, the auto enthusiasts are being treated to an extra helping of brilliance!

Lamborghini Urus and the Batman Connection

"The Urus represents the third model for the company, and it's a car that combines together two different kinds of soul," states Alessandro Farmeschi, COO of Automobili Lamborghini. But, the design leaves no doubt that this is a Lamborghini Super Sport.

Blade Runner 2049 According to Syd Mead

Academy Award Winner for Visual Effects and Cinematography - In Blade Runner 2049 it looks so funky. But it does look like it's supposed to look. That's the trick! Our exclusive interview with Syd Mead sheds some light on the future and transportation.

Ready To Pounce – The Jaguar F-TYPE 400 SPORT

How special is this rare cat? AutoDesignO Takes Five with Wayne Burgess, Jaguar’s Director of Production Studio & SVO Projects, on the design of the F-TYPE 400 SPORT.