An AutoDesignO Photo Retrospective on 2016

2016 is now in the rear view mirror, and the images of the past year are getting smaller by the moment. We’ve put together a selection of the action from the past year in all shapes and sizes, colors, and purpose. The obvious question is, what will tomorrow bring?

Luxury Technology Comes To LA LA Land

Awareness of the next, upcoming trend is vital for creating successful products. That’s reason enough for anyone serious in anything related to design to attend the Luxury Technology Shows. Think of it as CES with supercars!

Take Five with Julien Montousse

Mazda didn’t look at a specific competitor for reference. Instead, it looked at what enthusiasts loved about the MX-5 in the first place and created a vehicle that looked like harnessed energy. The vehicle is focused on an aesthetic of purity and purpose.

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Miata Magic / Getting Way, Way Down!

The Mazda MX-5 Miata lives for carving up the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. There’s plenty of juice on tap to deal with the elevation changes, and non-stop snaking roadways. This small, lightweight projectile is a heat-seeking missile on the roads of Malibu.