LR Velar Meets ECD RRC – Dog Eat Dog

In our travels around town, it is obvious that new Range Rovers are as plentiful as Kardashians are in Rodeo Drive boutiques. Now's the time for new styling and the heritage customers crave.

IndyCar Results From the 2018 GP at Long Beach

It's not just about looking good at the Toyota Grand Prix at Long Beach, it's about winning! And, just like the Indy 500, you never know what's going to happen at an IndyCar race!

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IMSA Cadillac, Long, Dark, Shiny ‘N Black

The third place Jordan Taylor / Renger Van Der Zande Cadillac team did finish in the WeatherTech IMSA series at the GPLB ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya and Helio Castroneves in the Acura Prototypes. Not too shabby.

Indy Winner Takuma Sato Knows Design

Sato's mesmerizing accident occurs during the Indy car practice just inches away from me, and small shards slip past the wall and chain link fence, peppering plastic and other material down beyond the safety perimeter. He's lucky to be in one piece!

Updated, Game Changing Labor Law Hits CA

Occasionally, the courts reading of labor laws are game changing, and this could be one of those. California rules on independent contractors have long been a hotly debated subject. The courts are now providing more guidance on who is and who isn’t an employee.

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