Take Five with Julien Montousse

Mazda didn’t look at a specific competitor for reference. Instead, it looked at what enthusiasts loved about the MX-5 in the first place and created a vehicle that looked like harnessed energy. The vehicle is focused on an aesthetic of purity and purpose.

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Miata Magic / Getting Way, Way Down!

The Mazda MX-5 Miata lives for carving up the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. There’s plenty of juice on tap to deal with the elevation changes, and non-stop snaking roadways. This small, lightweight projectile is a heat-seeking missile on the roads of Malibu.

ArtCenter Car Classic / Shaping the Future

The world’s most respected designers gather at annual mobility love fest to pay tribute to stunning details, imaginative rides and customized works of art with this year’s theme of “Built by Hand”.

The Rolls-Royce 103EX Steps Into The future

When you start to imagine 25 years ahead into the next stage of transportation, it’s not easy to get a bead on where we will be. However, the Vision Next 100 (aka 103EX) does provide a clear indication of what a Rolls-Royce will be, and what it won’t.

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Dwell On Design Invades Los Angeles

While it may seem like everything for living our lives has been manufactured already, Dwell on Design is a showcase for new companies that are trying to change that impression.