Red, White and Blue at ArtCenter

Many ArtCenter alumni of the school’s transportation design department represent the cream of the crop in the world of mobility design. This is why Car Classic is considered a “homecoming”.

Aria Group Unveils the FXE Supercar in Los Angeles

The exhibit space for Aria Group isn’t filled with special effects, giant screens, or a massive homage to a movie franchise. Nope. The Aria is garnering attention the old-fashion way!

The Secret Sauce on the Hot Wheels Camaro

"I played with Hot Wheels as a kid, my first toys were Hot Wheels - my first car was the Hot Wheels. You know, it's always really nice to come full circle working in the industry." - Adam Berry

Tom Peters on Hot Wheels and Cool Camaros

You don't know what's happening in your brain. But, it sets up a catalyst for all sorts of creativity. And I think when you see the freedom in toys... I'm witness to this, you see direct effect on vehicles like this!

A Tall Order of Citroën – No Lemons Please

The Mullin Automotive Museum offers a one of a kind retrospective on one of France’s greatest automakers featuring work from its beginning to the present day. The biggest Citroen exhibit ever held in the U.S.A.